Welcome to the Hack&Dev development community website. We are working on different stuff here, mostly embedded, but with a few remarkable exceptions.

Hack&Dev Projects

Indis — re–creating the world one bit at a time

The project is going to be a disassembly and reversing framework. Primary goal of indis project is to provide facilities for analyzing binary files and reversing back to a pseudo-C code.

At the moment indis is targeting ARM processor code stored in Mach-O and ELF binary formats.

pf-kernel — pass to hell with bleeding-edge stuff

pf-kernel is yet another Linux kernel fork which provides you with a handful of awesome features not merged into mainline. It is based on neither existing Linux fork nor patchset, although some unofficial ports may be used if required patches haven't been released officially. The name of the fork is by no means related to BSD Packet Filter. «pf» stands for «post-factum», the author's nickname.

photo.dev — when the art meets art

Photodev is a generic purpose web photo hosting with a focus on simplicity of use. Photodev uses Amazon S3 as a back end, and Cappuccino for front end UI.

Linux4Palm — bringing linux to the embedded world

Linux4Palm project goal was to bring the linux kernel and a "useful" runtime environment to a number of handhelds made by Palm. L4P since shifted a bit towards OpenBSD as the target OS.

H&D iPhone Team — jailbreak development

H&D iPhone repository was one of the first alternative Cydia repositories with software. The team added great support and localization for Ukrainian locale in first iPhoneOS versions.

The repository is now discontinued, but you can visit the site here.